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All About VEC

We're a fun, creative bunch of listeners, thinkers, researchers, and product-led storytellers.

Here, strategy comes first. Well-crafted stories that creates real business demand and helps breed differentiation comes next.

Who we help.

We help B2B SaaS & VC firms differentiate with well-crafted stories people actually love to read. To us, it's how you create (and capture) demand to drive real growth in a SaaS world full of copycat products and content noise.

Our mission:

To make the web more valuable and useful, one story for one person at a time.

At VEC, we are using well-crafted words to create a world where the internet is saturated with exciting, valuable, and discoverable stories that connects SaaS products to people, and people to real solutions.

Our why:

To breed differentiation and real growth through words that inspire action.

Our ultimate goal isn't to better our competitors. We want to be different. In the same vein, our goal isn't to make you better than other B2B SaaS or VC firms. We're here to filter words and craft stories that differentiates you from copycat products, so you'd standout, create demand, acquire new users, and drive real business growth. 

The Values we live by.

Growth. Helping others grow

Real growth is only as good as the people you help grow. So craft useful content that shows and inspires people to take action and grow their lives.

Care. Really mean it

Prospects are humans, not tools. Use stories to engage and show you truly care about their pains more than you do about conversion metrics.

Show. Don't tell

Inspire action by showing (not telling) how a product's features solve specific customer pain points. 

Different. Not better

Don't better the competition. Differentiate, capture demand, and drive real growth while others chase awards.

Our proprietary frameworks.

Our hatred for copying others led us to think outside the box. The result? Three custom frameworks that guides us in helping you differentiate from copycat products, create demand, and drive real growth.


CTCS (Content Topic Clusters' Strategy)

VEC developed and uses this content strategy development framework for all client work. It helps us to identify a value proposition that differentiates our clients' products and features from the competition, is appealing to their target audiences, and fulfilled in a unique way by their product/service. 


Product-Led Storytelling

We developed this unique B2B SaaS content marketing and copywriting formula in our quest to find what fits the Product-Led Growth era most. This framework is how we craft discoverable stories that attracts, engages, and shows prospects how a product solves specific problems. Our ultimate goal? To help you acquire new users and fans directly. 


Product-Led Single Point of Truth

The Product-Led Single Point of Truth is also a VEC-developed framework. It visually illustrates how all teams in your company can focus on the two essential business-driving factors: the customer and the product. As a bonus, we teach our SaaS and VC customers how to apply this framework, helping them go beyond traditional team structures to solve the empathy gap problem between customers and products cross-functionally. Our ultimate goal? To help you achieve real Product-Led Growth!

Meet your dream team

Wale Adeyemi

Copywriting Strategy Manager

I'm passionate about two things: helping people and learning new things.

These, an MSc in Computer Science and my vast digital marketing & copywriting experience has proven to be invaluable in my quest to help SaaS business owners build content strategies & craft powerful stories that move prospects closer to a buying decision.

But when I'm not articulating product stories, you'll find me spending quality time with my family or exploring the world.

Tamilore Sonaike

Tami Sonaike

Product-Led Storyteller

"The written word is the strongest source of power in the entire universe." –Gary Halbert. From the first day I read those words, I believed it and I've held it dear to my heart ever since.

How did I go from a medical graduate culturing bacteria and fungi to crafting product stories? My intense love for reading fiction – it laid the foundation to my greatest skill: Writing. I continue to hone this skill through constant learning and practice. 

Besides writing, I still love reading fiction and watching The Big Bang Theory reruns. 


Sheriff Subair

Product-Led Storyteller

Tech startups have always been of interest to me. I dream of launching a SaaS product of my own some day. But I know, as well as you do, that creating a product is one thing, marketing it successfully is another thing entirely.

So, in spite of my engineering background, I'm on a quest to tell the stories of other SaaS products, helping them reach new customers on their path to success . Of course, in doing this, I'm also learning how to market mine when I'm ready to launch. My thinking is always win-win!

Besides crafting stories, I also love listening to music and won't stop dreaming of owning the next big tech product.

Victoria Willie

Victoria Willie


Writing has always been a part of me. From writing stories as a young child to studying Communication Arts in the university, it has always been more than a medium of expression to me.

And then one day, I found myself toeing the path of an entrepreneur. This made me develop an interest in marketing which I am still learning — all thanks to VEC. 

That aside, when I'm not learning to become a badass B2B content marketer, I'm designing statement pieces, crushing on Gavin Belson and writing wild stories.

McCarthy Owie

McCarthy Owie

Design Intern

There are three responses to a design, yes, no, or wow!

I'm the type who goes the extra mile to earn a "wow!" And that's because my design interest transcends putting colours and shapes together, it's deeper than that. I get a real sense of fulfilment when I create beautiful, crisp-clear messages out of mere data points.

So the opportunity to further groom those design skills, specifically using it articulate product stories is one I couldn't resist. Even my current pursuit of a degree in the social sciences hasn't reduced my design interest. So I'm here to have fun while helping to tell SaaS product stories through design.  

I love history, politics, and football – by football, I mean Chelsea FC. 

Victor Eduoh

Victor Eduoh

Founder, Lead Strategist

My engineering background + entrepreneurial spirit brought me into marketing.

My unending desire to add value led me to coin and develop frameworks for Product-Led Storytelling and the Content Topic Clusters' Strategy. Doing these earned me some awards, speaking opportunities, and invites to become a vetted GrowthMentor, one of Product Marketing Alliance's global Ambassadors, and others, in the process.

But don't let those shiny accolades fool you, my first joy comes from putting smiles on my wife, team, and customers' faces. And if I'm not doing these, you'll find me scouting and grooming rare marketing talents. 

Lejit Dandison

Legit Dandison


Upon graduating with a B.A in Theatre Arts in 2016, I began my journey to becoming a professional storyteller and content marketer. This journey first started with working with online authors to get their stuff published, helping specifically with book editing. 

Today, I help a different kind of authors – B2B software owners authoring helpful tools through code. Only this time, I help them shape the stories that brings them closer to their customers and vice versa.

I love travel adventures, discovering new places and meeting new people. One of my strengths is holding great conversations. So don't be shy, say hi. 

SaaS people love our work.

...we've been featured, mentioned, or written for:

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