Stop targeting only keywords. Stop wasting your money on generic content marketing plans.

Start Getting Predictable Traffic & Ready-to-Buy Leads, With a Prolific B2B SaaS Content Marketing Driven by Topic Clusters

By Driving Your Content Marketing with Topic Clusters, You’ll Address All Relevant Customer Queries Across Your Sales Funnels, Get Qualified Leads, and Boost Sales.

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CEO, SprintHub Mobile

“Victor is an avid marketer with passion for research and data analysis. He has the ability to see business processes from a holistic point of view, connect the dots, and communicate the values clearly to customers [through content]”

Why Go for Content Marketing Driven by Topic Clusters?

You’ll save money and get predictable acquisition of customers in the long-term – exactly what your B2B/SaaS brand needs to scale. If you’re still reading, I take it that you desire the place a topic clusters-inspired content marketing can take your business: strategic thought-leadership, capturing all customer queries across your sales funnels, and more:


Above everything else, a topic clusters-inspired content marketing helps you to gradually become a topical authority & thought leader in your niche. Also, it builds a rich, deep, & organized internal linking system for your website, improving search engine crawling, ranking, and user experience simultaneously.


As you become a topical authority, Google will start giving you more front-page SERP positions for direct and varied search queries. As a result, your SEO will improve and you can rest assured, knowing that your SaaS business can predictably acquire & grow organic traffic and leads from the search engines.


You’ll get the edge a topic clusters-inspired content marketing has over generic content plans and singular keywords targeting: A 360-degree view of your entire sales funnels. And that’s due to its ability to capture and address both informational & transactional queries for topics relevant to your SaaS business.


By clustering content pieces around a topic and linking them strategically with middle-of-the-funnel (MOFU) lead magnets or content upgrades, you’ll boost the number of qualified, sales-ready leads entering your sales funnel.


The more prospects and customers consume your topical content pieces, diving deeper into your brand messaging, the more your brand messaging influences and resonates with them. Also, a topic clusters-inspired content marketing helps to bundle a curated list of content pieces for user onboarding and for building a community around your SaaS product: Two things that builds customer relationship & brand loyalty.


Ultimately, predictable business growth (or making more money) is what you stand to gain by implementing a topic clusters-inspired content marketing into your SaaS growth plans. And that’s because capturing sales-ready leads predictably and building strong customer relationships, two things you get from topic clusters, is what drives real growth.

What You’ll Get When You Hire Me?

First and foremost, added to everything above, I NEVER consider ANY project successful… until you reach your business goals. And that’s not all:


No two business cases are the same. I’ll start by listening attentively to you. Then, I’ll send you a brief questionnaire to gain more context for your business, target customers, and competition.


Me (and my team) will conduct analysis on your business and audit your existing content. Next, we’ll research your target market and competition. Here, I’ll look for opportunities for existing content and keywords optimization, as well as new key phrases and topics to target for growth.


Based on what I learn about your business and information gathered from research, I’ll jump on a call with you or your content manager. This strategy session will cover insights around my research, as well as address every necessary implementation nuances.


I’ll create and deliver you a new & custom-made one (1) year content topic clusters strategy for your brand. This strategy will also outline directions for topics, keywords, and content ideas that’ll drive your business forward. For each content piece in the strategy, I’ll provide three (3) compelling headlines, keywords, and promotion plans.


Once you okay my strategy and plan, I begin the creation of topics & content clusters. Also included are strategic lead magnets or content upgrades to come in-between your informational and transactional content pieces, filling your entire sales funnel with the needed content.


If creating content (or topic clusters) is like buying a car, fueling it is like link building and content promotion: it can only go as far as the fuel you put in the tank. Thus, to ensure your content goes far & reaches the right audience, I create a link building and content promotion plan for each piece. I’ll write the email copy for promoting it to your existing subscribers, as well as share it with my curated promotion network and key online communities. As needed, I’ll run paid Ads to bring relevant eye balls on your content & business.

sprinthub mobile

CEO, SprintHub Mobile

“Victor is an avid marketer with passion for research and data analysis. He has the ability to see business processes from a holistic point of view, connect the dots, and communicate the values clearly to customers [through content]”

Ready to grow your SaaS business with a topic clusters-inspired content marketing?

I charge $1,500 to develop a one (1) year content topic clusters strategy. Done-for-you topic clusters-inspired content marketing starts at $3,000/month. Please, fill out the short form below, I’ll be in touch.

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