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Real Demand Gen & Growth Starts with Stories. Start Yours with Product-Led Storytelling.


Product-Led Storytelling (or high-quality content) prospects will ACTUALLY consume is what drives Real Demand & Growth. But it takes deep work. It requires empathy for readers, strategic thinking, research, design, copywriting, partnership, and editorial freedom. 

Sure, we can make it work within tight timelines & budgets (pricing below), if you're willing to think differently about content. But, if you see content as a commodity or just another SEO dial for amassing junk traffic, we're probably not for you. đź‘‡đź‘‡

Product-Led Storytelling Plans

Generate demand




  • Product use cases analysis
  • Content strategy dev./refinement
  • Topics, clusters, keywords, queries
  • One (1) ICP StoryScript
  • StoryBriefs & Outlines
  • Ongoing customer painpoints research
  • Initial 6-month content marketing plan
  • 4-6 product-led content stories/month
  • One e-book designed/month
  • Original product screenshots
  • Contextual review insertions
  • Two (2) headline alternatives
  • Two (2) rounds of revision
  • One (1) excerpt copy for newsletter
  • Two (2) excerpt copy for 1 social account
  • 1-2 Custom illustrations/designs per story
  • 1-2 influencer email outreach copy/story 
  • Organic promotion checklist/story 
  • CMS uploads (WordPress)
  • Our project management tool
  • Monthly status call/report
  • Minimum term: 5 months

Amplify demand




  • Product use cases analysis
  • Content strategy dev./refinement
  • Topics, clusters, keywords, queries
  • 2-3 ICP StoryScripts
  • StoryBriefs & Outlines
  • Ongoing customer painpoints research
  • Initial 9-month content marketing plan
  • 6-8 product-led content stories/month
  • One e-book designed/month
  • Original product screenshots
  • Contextual review insertions
  • Four (4) headline alternatives
  • Unlimited rounds of revision
  • Two (2) excerpt copy for newsletter
  • Four (4) excerpt copy for 2 social accounts
  • 3-5 Custom illustrations/designs per story
  • 3-5 influencer email outreach copy/story 
  • Organic promotion checklist/story 
  • Any CMS uploads
  • Ours (or your) project management tool
  • Monthly status call/report
  • Paid promotion/distribution consulting
  • Two (2) short video summaries/story
  • Monthly growth recommendation call
  • Customer testimonial request campaigns
  • Paid content promotion copywriting 
  • Content pruning & revamping 
  • AI-powered content optimization 
  • Minimum term: 5 months
Product-Led Storytelling SaaS Copywriting

Our SaaS website copywriting package, using our Product-Led Storytelling formula, is $5,000 for five (5) pages. Stand alone landing pages, Ads, email drips, or product copywriting starts at $1,999.

You'll love being here.

VEC is a creative B2B product storytelling studio grounded in content strategy and copywriting. Founder, Marketer, or VC? Good, you'll love our unique Product-Led Storytelling approach, like they do:

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Dovico software
Content Status
Andrew Woo–HoneyCart

"Good news, Omar was able to close 2 out of 3 of his demos on the spot. They were some of the hottest leads we received from the last product-led stories you guys created. 

The content addressed their pain points, even though both did a lot of research by the time they spoke.

The 3rd one was a good fit. He'd be interested 6 months from now."

Andrew Woo; Co-founder & CEO, HoneyCart


How do you guys work?

At VEC, we dedicate the first month of every product storytelling/content marketing project to developing/readjusting your content strategy, learning about your customers, and diving deeper into the specifics of how your product/service works. We also use this period to develop your ICP StoryScripts.

We'll then assign a Strategist and 1-3 Product-Led Storytellers depending on the plan you choose, scope, and requirements.

You'd assign a point-of-contact from your company to work directly with an Account Manager from our team managing your project. Doing this is essential, as it helps to get feedback on time, approve tasks, and ensure everything goes smoothly and on time. 

Can I speak with someone for a custom offer info?

Yes, you can.

Click the "Get Started" button" on any plan above and you'll speak with one of our experts over a discovery call.

How does your pricing & payment work?

Our pricing model is monthly for ongoing Product-Led Storytelling projects and starts when we kick-off your project.

For payment, we'll send an invoice at the start of your monthly billing cycle to be paid within 7 days via wire transfer (to our founder's account) for the tasks and deliverables you'd get for that month.

For product/website copywriting projects, we'll send you a one-time invoice based on your project scope. 

Must I sign a long-term contract?

Not at all!

Our minimum terms are five (5) months because we need to plan ahead for strategy and capacity. Each plan and term comes with a 30-day written cancellation clause. You're never locked into a contract if you don’t want to. Our aim is to work with you long-term because you value our work, and not because you're stuck in a long-term contract.

What kind of B2B content experts do you have?

First, we handle ALL projects internally.

In other words, all VEC team members have been rigorously trained in our Product-Led Storytelling approach. However, for specific needs, we recruit (on your permission) experts versed in your industry, train them on our methodology, and bring them on your project at no extra cost to you.

We do this to always guarantee quality work, which is our watchword. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade plans?

Yes and no. The plans shown here are minimums.

You can increase or decrease the monthly volume of content we deliver based on your needs. If along the line you need more content pieces (or copywriting done) in a month, we're flexible as long as we have the capacity. On the other hand, 2-3 months into your initial term, we're equally happy to reduce the volume of content we deliver and charge accordingly.