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Do You Know Over “47% of B2B Customers Read 3-5 Content Pieces Before Talking to Sales?”

…as per in-depth research by Demand Gen. But think about it…

When was the last time you bought from a company immediately after reading just one content piece from them?

It hardly happens.

Like you, most customers buy from companies that have authority in specific topics and business areas. That’s why such companies get relevant organic search traffic, build trust & stronger relationships with customers, and fill their sales pipeline with ready-to-buy leads predictably.

For example, HubSpot (inbound marketing), Drift (conversational marketing), SalesForce (CRM), etc.

You can’t achieve such authoritative status with a generic content marketing plan or only one, exhaustive content piece, as it’ll be too long (and boring) for your customers to consume. Ultimately, that will reduce your customer acquisition efforts and business growth.

The solution?

Enter the content topic clusters strategy for B2B & SaaS…

Just 5 months after I implemented the content topic clusters strategy for one of my clients, their organic impressions shot 93% to ~50k. CTR reached 0.6%, and they went from page 9 on the SERPs to page 4, on average. All without ads.

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Why Does the Content Topic Clusters Strategy Work?

  • It helps you to build topical authority, which prospects and Google love more than targeting only keywords.

  • It creates a rich internal link structure, allowing prospects to dive deeper into your brand messaging and further into your sales funnel.

  • It gives you a broader view of the sales funnel. This allows you to create, promote, and bundle content pieces across informational and transactional queries relevant to your business. Remember, over 47% of B2B customers read 3-5 content pieces before talking to sales.

  • Also, with a content topic clusters’ strategy, you’ll get a backlog of relevant resources to build stronger customer relationships and reduce SaaS churn.

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