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Fuel Your Demand Generation Engine – with Product-Led Storytelling.

We strategize and craft demand-generating stories for B2B SaaS & VC companies. Our unique Product-Led Storytelling approach fuels your Demand Gen engine with new users and sales qualified opps, not MQLs.👇👇

You'll be in great company.

We're a creative B2B product storytelling agency grounded in content strategy and copywriting. Founders, Marketers, & VCs trust VEC for crafting demand- and sales-generating stories:

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Andrew Woo–HoneyCart

"Good news, Omar closed 2 out of 3 of his demos on the spot. They were some of the hottest qualified opportunities we received from the last product-led stories you guys created.

The content addressed their pain points, even though both did a lot of research by the time they spoke.

The 3rd one was a good fit. He'd be interested 6 months from now."

Andrew Woo; Co-founder & CEO, HoneyCart.

With Product-Led Storytelling, You'll:

Ditch Vanity Metrics

We know SEO in and out. But we also know it's no longer enough to obsess over every SEO checklist. So let's help you ditch content only focused on vanity metrics like outsmarting Google, ranking higher, or accumulating more junk traffic.

Generate Real Demand

If you craft stories your ICPs love, you'd earn attention, reads, and mindshare – the bedrock of real Demand Gen. SEO-only content won't achieve those in this Product-Led Growth era. It's why we developed Product-Led Storytelling.

Acquire MQLs Users

Product-Led Storytelling is SaaS content marketing reimagined. It's the art & science of crafting relatable stories showing target ICPs how your product solves their problems. Our aim is to engage and funnel them into new users & sales opps, not MQLs:

SaaS people love our stories

We've been featured, mentioned, written for:

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Jamie Vernon

"Reading the 3 pieces you've written so far has given me a new found confidence in our product succeeding.

You guys explain very well how a pulse survey can help a manager listen better to feedback and you provide just the right statistics and information to entice curiosity.

This truly is product-led content and you’ve exceeded my expectations!"

Jamie Vernon; Product Marketing Lead, Dovico.

Choose regular content Product-Led Storytelling

It performs long-term. It generates real demand & sales qualified opportunities. And you'll love our workflow:



√ Product Use Cases' Analysis

√ ICP StoryScripts

√ Content Strategy Dev.

√ Topical Research

√ Pains & Keywords' Research

√ Initial 6-month Content Plan



√ Content Ideation

√ StoryBriefs & Outlines

√ Designs & Illustrations

√ Quality Assurance

√ Draft Reviews

√ Copy-Edits



√ Influencer Amplification

√ CMS Uploads

√ On-page Optimization

√ Blog Management 

√ Promotion & Outreach

√ Reports