Hi, I'm Victor Eduoh; about me:

My mom, sister, and friends called the five years I spent studying Mechanical Engineering a waste. And it all started after I told them growing SaaS businesses by combining strategy, storytelling, and copywriting into engaging reads is what I loved doing.

They were wrong. And you visiting my site to read my thoughts and learn about me is the only confirmation I needed.

Today, I'm glad I didn't look back. Or, allow the tough times, transitioning into a full-time content marketer stop me from using my natural gifts to help SaaS brands like yours drive predictable growth (and get a fulfilling life doing what I love).

Would you like to know the natural, in-born gifts, driving me?

They include critical thinking, conceptualization, ideation, and articulation. But don't take it from me, hear from them…

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"Victor is an avid marketer with passion for research and data analysis.
He has the ability to see business processes from a holistic point of view, connect the dots, and communicate the values clearly to customers."
Gillis-Harry, CEO, SprintHub Mobile.
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"This is an awesome piece of content Victor, thanks for providing it.
Topic authority is something like the holy grail and very hard to achieve.
Awesome you provide guidance."
Stephan Wenger, B2B Marketing Expert.

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"A great read Victor, thank you.
And the points you make are both pertinent to SaaS content and to anyone who wants to sell and persuade with words."
Martin Sayers, Founder, MSCopy.co.uk
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"Another great one by Victor.
Your SaaS story recipe is delicious!
I truly believe following these steps as recommended by you will put any product on a growth autopilot!
Great work putting this together "
Charles Tchuinkwa, Founder iMailMan & iMailApp.

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"Wow! The amazing in-depth article, Victor. Good job!!!…"
Jakub Zajicek, Former CMO, PitchGround
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"Love [your] take on Product-Led Growth! Keep stirring the pot. 😉"
Wes Bush, Founder, Productled Institute; Author, Product-Led Growth Book.

In my 3+ years of experience, I've developed three things. First, the SaaS Content Topic Clusters Strategy, CTCS, which helps SaaS brands build topical authority (or new category) to rank high and drive targeted traffic.

Second, a repository of real stories/experiments by SaaS founders overcoming daily challenges to drive growth. Called Real SaaS Content, a Medium Publication, I curate these stories for anyone to easily access and learn from them at anytime.

Lastly, I coined Product-Led Storytelling, after researching the PLG concept in-depth. From there, I observed that helpful, discoverable stories are what truly automates user acquisition for SaaS products. Achieved by blending content strategy and copywriting into engaging stories loved by your customers, ranked by Google.

Below is a glimpse of what a Product-Led Storytelling content piece looks like (and what you get, working with me 😊):

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If you work with me, you'll also get a proven, customized workflow that gives you more free time. Without sacrificing quality or suffocating growth


  • User Acquisition Review
  • Content strategy
  • Topical Research
  • Keywords Research


  • Content Ideation
  • Content Outlines
  • Draft Reviews
  • Copy-Edits


  • CMS Uploads
  • On-page Optimization
  • Content Management
  • Bi-weekly Reports